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    I've scoured the Web, but have not found an on point answer.

    I am moving, not just going on a business trip, to Taiwan. I currently have a Sprint Treo 600. I can not find any CDMA providers in Taiwan that carry the Treo, so it looks like I can't just replace the PRL file for another carrier in Taiwan.

    My Treo might as well be grafted to my hand and I have not seen another smart phone I like as much. It seems like my only choice is to buy a Treo 600/650 unlocked GSM phone. If I have to buy a new phone, I might as well upgrade, unless I can get a new 600 GSM dirt cheap. It is depressing to upgrade to the 650 when the 700p beckons, but AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $700p$ $is$ $only$ $availabe$ $with$ $a$ $service$ $plan$ $from$ $Sprint$ $or$ $Verizon$. $I$ $couldn$'$t$ $find$ $any$ $Taiwanese$ $providers$ $that$ $sell$ $the$ $Tree$ $700p$ $and$ $I$'$m$ $not$ $sure$ $I$ $would$ $want$ $to$ $anyway$, $since$ $I$ $can$ $not$ $read$ $much$ $Chinese$ $and$ $I$ $assume$ $the$ $OS$ $would$ $be$ $in$ $Chinese$ $for$ $Treos$ $sold$ $in$ $Taiwan$.

    I would appreciate any advice on what phone to get, Treo or otherwise, for heavy daily use in Taiwan with either a Taiwanese service plan or a SIM card. I would especially be interested in hearing from folks currently living in Taiwan.
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    Some are talking about the next GSM Treo being released in as little as a month in Europe / Asia. I am betting on a fall release here in US. Best "buy" today would be an unlocked Cingular Treo the marketplace section of the forum.
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    You can change the language at start up I think. So the chinese shouldn't be a problem.
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    Thanks for you replies. I'm not leaving until early September, so I'll just wait and see what they come out with.

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