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    Is this BugMe Notepad or BugMe Classic? I'm using Classic on my 700p and have no problems with it.
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    Mine in BugMe! NotePad 5.23

    I also wanted to add that I use it extensivelyjotting-"cr@p, I have to remember to do this at 5:45"-notes, using the snooze feature, screen grab,,,,,,

    I don't think its buggy,,,,,,,, But it must hang with something because before my hard it ran extremely slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffgibson
    Capturing alarm tones is a little tricky and if the alarm is short lived, VolumeCare may not have enough time to change the settings if you have enabled Specific Applications.

    Does this help? What application(s) are you wanting VolumeCare to work with?

    Jeff- Since you've joined this thread, any chance you might still be able to enable the vibrate function in Diddlebug using perhaps ProfileCare? (You had said in emails several months ago you would be able to do this, but I think just had too much else going on)....
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    Quote Originally Posted by otterman
    Is this BugMe Notepad or BugMe Classic? I'm using Classic on my 700p and have no problems with it.
    I also downloaded and am using BugMe Notepad. What I thought I saw on the page was that Classic was a lot older and must be what I was using before as I remember one could beam notes. It's nice to know that they are both working on the 700p; I haven't had any problems yet even when I combine both DiddleBug and BugMe. First DiddleBug's alarm will come on and take over the screen and then BugMe's alarm will go off while it gets the screen without a problem. Closing one of the apps leaves the other behind it so one doesn't miss a message. I haven't finished testing this but so far it's all working better than I expected and we still have what is most important in both programs.

    I think DiddleBug is stronger in intraday stuff that is pressing in urgency but that may be put off a couple of times because of it's very customizable alert frequency function and it's pop up after an alarm goes off.
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