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    I am looking for a popup calculator program.

    Tried SnapCalc but caused some resets.

    Also, came across one called CalcOnTop. Anyone tried this? Is it stable on Treo 650?

    Anyother good calculator desktop accessories (DA) programs out there that are compatible with the Treo 650?

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    No problems with SnapCalc here, or SnapDate.
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    CalcOnTop is working fine with my 700P. I have only had it a few days, but it seems fine. Bought CalcOnTop like 3 palms ago and have used in on all of them, fine piece of inexpensive software that works nicely.

    Installed it on my 600, 650 and now 700 without any issues.

    Good Luck
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    If I'm not mistaken Tealpoint has also a pop-up calculator. I heard their DAs are not bad. I use Tealmaster, Teallaunch and Tealpad by myself and no problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    No problems with SnapCalc here, or SnapDate.
    Same here: SnapCalc works fine.
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    Will give SnapCalc another try.
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    TealCalc (a DA) is what I use.
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    SnapCalc has been on without any problems for me
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    I use TealCalc 1.24, full screen.

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