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    Has anyone tried doing this? Is it possible? It seems like it should be a very simple process, but whenever I try to do it, Kinoma opens up and gives me the same blasted Unsupported media format message that I am becoming all too familiar with on this phone. It seems like I should be able to force ptunes deluxe to stream these mp3's, but I can't find any documentation that will tell me how to do this. I can use Avvenu to download mp3's to my sd card and play them in ptunes, but streaming would be a pretty cool trick. Any suggestions?
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    I personally don't know how to do it, but I have heard that you can set up your computer as a shoutcast server and stream it through ptunes.
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    You can try Orb. Do a search on orb and streaming. Its worked pretty well for me.
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    im in ur same position...log into avvenu perfectly, see my music but i just can't stream it. really annoying.
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    orb MASSIVLY slows down my computer to the point of not being able to run other programs. I had to uninstall. bummed.
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    I've been trying to use Slimserver (freeware available at but having limited luck so far. I can find all of the music on my PC by logging in using the handheld interface. I can cue up a playlist from any of the 600+ albums stored there in FLAC. The PC will transcode to mp3, and I limit the bitrate to 128kbps or even 64kbps. I can connect to the stream using Ptunes. Unfortunately I get constant buffering interuptions. I know I can stream @ 128 kbps from other sources (radioio etc) with no problem, so I'm not sure what the problem is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Dog Doc
    600+ albums stored there in FLAC.
    How much disk space do you need for that?
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    Well, I've got 280GB (about 600 cds) filled so far, but I'm only 1/2 way through ripping my collection. Since this is taking me forever, I decided I just want to rip one time. With FLAC, as a lossless format, I should never need to do it again. I've run out of space though, and need to buy a 500GB external drive. They are pretty cheap these days.

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