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    Quote Originally Posted by cknipe
    All along the way, all the tools I needed were available for download online. Do you really think I'm overreacting?
    Yes you are over reacting. I have been with Palm since the beginning also and I can tell you that the software is never available for download until they do an update to it. The original CD software has never been available right off the bat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay_man2
    Stop losing your stuff, then complaining about poor support, and it's not an issue. Sure, the Internet is useful. But personal responsibility comes first. Double Sheesh.
    Thank you for making the obvious point. I am one of those "personally responsible" people who meticulously files away each and every installation CD in a binder, catalog and then print out tables of contents. And then I put it all in a backpack and carry it around everywhere I bring my Treo. No chance of losing it!

    For all of you babies who expect Palm/the carriers to post these "drivers" and "software" on this newfangled "intarweb" or somesuch place - I say to you: FOR SHAME!

    You purchase a simple $650.00 phone and then you want the manufacturer to go to all the extra trouble of redundantly posting on the "intarweb" these *SAME* drivers and software that they have already given you on a fine, unbreakable and dynamically updated CD with delicious cover art?

    Gotta agree with jay_man2 here - "the internet is useful," but for drivers and software we should only rely on ourselves and our abilities to keep track of (and properly store) hundreds (if not thousands) of installation CDs and DVDs. In fact, you are probably the first one I've heard of who has misplaced a CD. This is really about "personal responsibility" my friend. Why should Palm or the carriers coddle your character flaw with these "downloads?" Name *ONE* manufacturer that actually does this? Huh?
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    I don't understand some of you posters. Of course personal responability matters, but posting the contents of the CD (at least the apps and drivers) on their website is a must. There is no reason for them not to do so. It's not like some other company could profit off this.

    I've had Palm devices and Treos since the beginning. It's completely unreasonable for them not to make this software available for download. If someone lost their CD and wanted a new one, it would be fine to charge them for it. But not letting them download it is inexcusable. I just don't see how any of you can defend them on this. I would say the same about any other company. I have no love for Microsoft, but you can freely get their activesync software. Why not Palm?

    No excuse for this at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joad

    this newfangled "intarweb" or somesuch place
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    There is no download for any OS5.4 (NVFS) devices. I do not know why Palm has chosen to do this and can only conjecture that support is plenty busy with folks who have downloaded the wrong choice between 4.1.4 and 4.1.4E. Visit some other Palm forums; it seems quite a few people download and install because they think something is new and therefore better, while disregarding compatibility issues and Palm's recommendations.
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    I disagree on that you can't download something for any NVFS device. I can download Palm Desktop for a Treo 650 (at least for the unlocked GSM and for a Mac). However, I do agree that they don't seem to consistently offer updated downloads. The fact that they don't do it isn't a good reason for them not to. They should make these available. I've only called there phone support a couple of times, but on all those occasions it was a huge wait time on hold (like around an hour) followed by someone who couldn't help at all.
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    "Personal responsibility" Thats heavy man!
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    I lost my SPRINT 700P install disk. Will the file on this trhead work, or is it only for a Verizon install? Anyone know where I can get the Sprint 700p installation files? Thanks.
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    No question! You are an old fart!
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    This is absurd! Without question two facts exist here:

    1) Palm support is in the 98th percentile for worst tech support.
    2) Palm and/or the phone carriers should post the drivers the day a product is on sale.

    These are undeniable facts. This has nothing to do with personal responsibility. This is a *wireless* device we're talking about. What do people do with such devices? The carry them from place to place. And believe it or not, I don't bring my 240 CD wallet case with me everywhere I go. And believe it or not, sometimes I need installation data and drivers that reside in that case. And believe it or not, with EVERY OTHER device I own, I can get drivers off the company's website. Sheesh.
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