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       #1 buy my first treo... I am with Cingular and it has been revealed (although unconfirmed) that there are two new treos (Lennon and Nitro) coming to cingular in October. Yet I am really itching to pull the trigger on a 650. Should I buy the 650 or wait for the new arrivals? Also, how safe is it to buy a "brand new" cingular branded treo 650 off of EBAY? Thanks guys.
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    bump...any input?
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    How much are you looking to spend? When the new ones come out, the 650 will probably go down a bit, although, the current prices are pretty low, compared to when they initially launched.

    Personally, I see really no difference between the 650 and the 700. Aside from EVDO and larger RAM. I'm only using 1/2 of my RAM on my 650, mainly because I use PowerRUN and have a bunch of the apps on the SD card.

    I don't think Cingular has their highspeed data up yet. They have something faster, but nothing near as fast as EVDO. I say go for the 650 now. You can always sell it later, if you absolutely gotta have the new one that MIGHT be coming out soon. I've heard of people on here, after selling theirs and getting rebates, ending up with a fairly inexpensive 700p. Although, that's through Sprint, and they're very generous with their rebates.
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    I don't know about a the EBay question, but as far as whether or not to wait, keep in mind that it usually takes cutting edge hardware and software a few tries to get it right. For example think about all of the sound problems people were having with the early 650s. Some people are willing to take the risk and deal with the bugs while others want to wait for a few months to make sure they will be getting a decent product without bugs. The point being I think it comes down to how willing you are to take a risk.
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    Ahh, forgot about the eBay thing. With Cingular, you're somewhat safe, as far as if you buy a "blacklisted" phone. CDMA carriers won't activate the phone, but Cingular, you just have to pop in your SIM and you're good to go (SPRINT! READ THIS!!). As far as it being legit, or having any problems, that's a risk you're going to take. What I usually do is get the total price at the store, taxes included, subtract shipping, and how much risk I'm willing to take, and set that as my highest bid.

    On a $400 phone, my risk factor will be pretty high. Thing is, if the price goes too low, it may be one of those "too good to be true" deals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidg4781
    I don't think Cingular has their highspeed data up yet. They have something faster, but nothing near as fast as EVDO.
    Cingular's HSDPA 3.6 is in about 100 major market areas (MMA's) at this point. Their schedule calls for complete coverage by end of this year. Same with verizon and Sprint . HSDPA 3.6 was demo'd in Las Vegas at the CES convention in January pulling down an average of 2,000 kpbs...that's about twice EVDO max (not average) speed. Highest I have heard from 700p user IIRC was about 700. The question is, will the new Treo be HSDPA 1.8 or 3.6 ? If 1.8, methinks the user experience will be roughly the same.

    Back in january, journalists were given area lists that they could go test coverage in. Verizon's list had 60 MMA's, Sprint 45 and Cingular 20. The carriers at the time were claiming 2-3 times that because they define broadband "coverage" when they upgrade 1 tower in a MMA. Until some trade mag does another service roundup, it's just about impossible to figure just how far coverage has gone. Coverage maps on sites promoting sale of broadband equipment are notoriously inaccurate.

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