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    Ok so i ordered a plantronics 645 from treocentral because they are a "reputable" dealer it seemed. it came with a european AC charger. i called them--they apologized and said their supplier had messed up and sent me an adapter. I hated the headset and returned it and ordered a jx 10. well what do you know--it came with a european AC charger too--this time with adaptor already in the package.

    This is bullsh*t. If treocentral is going to sell these, they should note it clearly and give us the choice. does it work exactly the same? Yes! is it the same product--no. the adaptor is part of it. it should be noted and give us the full disclosure so that we know whenever ordering. even most sleavy jacka**es on ebay tell people these kinds of facts.

    i even was rude to someone else in another thread who was complaining about this whenever i was under the misbelief that it was accident. clearly its a habit and so i'm the jerk now for being rude and giving treocentral the benefit of the doubt.

    these forums are a great service to the treo community--but i am thinking the store is a sham... what a pity. i like to support those who provide me good services, but now i am thinking twice about treocentral's store.
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    I see your point being upset. But I just cannot see how TreoCentral being dishonest here. They did apologize and send the correct adapter for the first hiccup, right?

    Again, I agree that it's ridiculous to have the wrong adapters sent twice.

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    I think it is being dishonest because they did not disclose that it would have a european adaptor. i think it is BS that "there was a mistake". i think they knew full well it was going to be european and choose to play it off. i just do not believe two different models, neither of which were noted as european, could both "accidently" be a mistake. i'm not buying it!
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    Interesting... I never gave it much thought, but I bought a HBH-662 from them a while back and it came with a European charger as well! There was an adapter in the box...
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