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    Has anyone heard if there will be an Enfora Wi-Fi sled for the 700P? It looks like there isn't much chance of there being Wi-Fi drivers for any of the cards on the market, so this is the only realistic Wi-Fi possibility.
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    In case anyone is interested, I received the following reply from Enfora:

    Thank you for contacting Enfora. Currently we do not have plans to support the Treo 700p. If things change we will post information on our web site.

    So, there you have it. It is likely we will see NO WiFi for our 700P at all. Thanks, Palm. You couldn't have wired the connectors the same as the 650 so that the 650 accessories would work with the 700P AS PROMISED. I'm hoping this is my last Palm. I hope that the next go around someone else has something that is better. However, given the posts about the Q, I'm not holding my breath. I really thought Palm or Samsung , or someone could come up with something better than this.
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    HA! I take it from the lack of response that no one is really interested in it. Apparently they must not be selling well for the 600/650 so they don't plan on one for the 700. Too bad. I think it will be a cold day you know where before WiFi drivers are available for any of the SD cards (I hope I'm wrong).

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