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    I know I've seen a thread on problems with auto hands free kits and the 700p, so I decided to start one in the other direction... kits that work.

    For my first hands free kit, I just purchased a Pioneer DEH-9800BT car stereo with integrated bluetooth. I installed the stereo and set up the connection with only a little trouble (my fault, not system error). I set it up to auto connect to my phone when I turn on the car and auto answer when a call comes in. Everything is working great. It even recognizes the correct phone number on the caller ID (3 tries with three different phones, all worked correctly). The only thing I haven't tried yet (it was getting late and I needed to come inside) was to transfer contacts. I'm hoping that I'll at least be able to transfer my favorites like many people experienced with the 650, but I'll let you guys know more tomorrow.

    Just thought I'd give my initial impressions and give some possible direction to people thinking about looking into buying a hands-free kit. It was a little expensive (got mine for $380 shipped), but it appears to be a better solution than many have found so far.

    Now, let's hear from others who are having success so people will know which direction to head if they want a hands-free kit! And (please) let's keep this "success" stories only, as we already have a thread dedicated to problems.
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    Just a quick update for anyone who cares... I went to contacts, chose "send category", and then sent via bluetooth to my stereo. All my contacts are in my stereo now and everything is working great. I highly recommend this system for those wanting a hands free kit with their phones. Feel free to ask questions if anyone wants to know something about the system.
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    Cool....thanks for the info.
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    purchased and installed the Parrot 3200LS system for around $220 shipped. add an additional $100 if you cannot install it yourself.

    So far i think it's great except it only automatically transfers your speed dials. You have to manually push each one separately that u want to add.

    besides that...i have been fairly impressed.
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    Just found my first flaw with the system... I can transfer my contacts, but it won't dial them directly. My wife's A900 dials contacts through the stereo, but my 700p doesn't respond to the dial command from the stereo. Okay, so it's not perfect, but it still works well overall.
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    I should get it this week and I'll report back after I install it.
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    The Parrot 3100 has the same issues as above. Only moves over favorites (which for me is preferable, but I can see how others may not like it). Other than that, perfect! Pairs quickly and stays paired, no problems at all.
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    I have the Volvo installed Motorola HF1000. Works great with my 700P. It did not work with the 650; hence my returning the unit two weeks after I bought it.

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