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    I've been using my Sprint Treo 700p for the last two weeks extensively as PAM (Phone As Modem), using both USB Modem and PDA Net. My wife has our Sprint EVDO data card, so I can't do a head to head comparison yet.

    But based on what I'm seeing so far, I can tell you that a Treo as a modem is not anywhere as speedy as a dedicated EVDO card.

    Just mentioning it now in case anyone's considering buying a Treo vs. getting a data card.
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    no, the data cards are definitely much faster, the treo doesn't perform as well. I wonder if it is the treo or they give different ip adresses, routing, etc to data cards...

    I assume its the treo's performance thats the culprit, but who knows...

    If you are looking strictly for evdo data get a card, but the treo is valuable as a
    great multipurpose device, I actually use my laptop less now.

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