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    Agent is a memory hog ( ActNames.prc is 1.5MB ), and I would like to free some memory up by moving it to my SD card. Are there any tricks that will let me do this?
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    I ditch Agendus & use MonthPlanner 3.1.2 (only 129 kb).
    I use ZLauncher to move MonthPlanner & Icons-IAMBIC.prc to Card & run it from there.
    Imagine recovering 1.5 mb of your precious DBCache memory.
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    I was about to say "please search first," but I'm assuming you did and just gave up before digging through enough results. Here's a thread that should answer your questions :
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    You *can* but you can not use Agendus's built-in alarms obviously, you must set it to use the Palm alarms. Only remaining problem is it takes 2-3s to pull off the SD card.

    If you use Agendus often, I'd say look into moving other things.

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