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    I am not trying to nitpick my phone but I was wondering if anyone elses home button is dimmer than all of the others? My home button is not as bright as the others when I have it in a dark room.
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    I can barely tell but i think the two side buttons(phone & home) are a TINNNnnnny bit darker than the rest. I looked at it in complete darkness & had to look really close to tell the difference. I think all devices with backlights have problems with corner buttons, but only if you NITPICK
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    Same here but doesn't really bother me at all. As you say, it's a small issue.
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    my vz keypad is dim - weird
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    That's just due to the LED placement on the keyboards. There are more buttons than LEDs, so not every button will have totally even backlighting, dim spots are inevitable. Same with the 650s, there are darker spots on some of my buttons too.

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    I exchanged my last 700p because of a greenish hue in the upper left corner of the LCD screen, and this new one has 50% more brightness on the keyboard and application buttons. When comparing the 700p to the 700w, I noticed the 700w had a brighter keyboard... well my new 700p equals the 700w in this regard. It's almost too bright!

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