When I installed the new SkinsUI over the registered version 1.47 things appears well and I was pleased with the result, BUT when I use the built in Treo 700P FAVORITES button and use the 5-way button to scroll it gets to either CAMERA or BLUETOOTH and then promptly freezes the phone. Any movement of the 5 Way button causes unseen movement that is not visible on the frozen screen as evidenced by a call being placed in error and no way to stop it due to the frozen screen. The only way to get out of it is to do a soft reset.

In troubleshooting, it appears to be a function of the Form Effect under preferences. If the form effect is set to NONE (Bummer..) the Favorites buttons work as before. If I set the form effects to any one of the other choices I get the Favorites freeze. Do anyone elsehave any solution for this or the same problem?