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    have installed the last treo 650 update,since that time i got on my handheld if i open that transferd exel sheet only the chart site.
    if i switch to the diagram the handheld says unknown error 519.

    also installed the latest update from dokument to go,in this case the handheld told me that the smart fond diagram is only availible on premium.

    have then installed the orginal dataviz software from cd comes with the treo,
    but the same 519 error reappear again.

    what i`m doing wrong ?

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    Can someone explain to me what the latest Treo (650) update is, where do I get it, what does it do, how do you know you need it, etc?!
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    hey dottens, the version of Docs To Go that comes with the Treo is only the Standard or Pro Version and is limited in what it can do... Check out their site to see what it does,
    Julie, first off, go to the Phone program on the Treo, go to the Menu, then Options and then go to Phone Info. From there you should see all sorts of info. about your phone. You need to check what Firmware & Software you have now. Then go to and see what Firmware/software is newest for your Phone. Remember that every carrier has their own so you just have to check for your carrier.

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