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    I am trying to set up a new email account on my Palm OS -Treo 650, versamail.
    everytime i click on NEW i get error message:

    " All Accounts are in use. Deleted accounts can be re-used aftyer performing a hotsync. Make sure the versamail conduit is turned on and not set to Do Nothing"

    this happened to me today after installing chattermail (trial version) then deleting it,

    How do I fix this problem. I want my Versamail back pls.


    Ok, I deleted chatter mail and restored plam from backup. the email went back to a clean slate state. Set up my accounts and everything was running perfect. then i decided to add another email account and when i clicked on "NEW" i had same old error message quoted above. !!!

    Is there a limit to the number of account Versamail can handle.?

    all 40 experts read this thread. all i need is someone with a solution please
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