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    I am using Goodlink on a Treo 700w and when I go into subfolders under the Inbox I only see a few of the e-mails that should be in there and they are not necessarily the most recent e-mails.

    Does anyone have any ideas why this does not work?
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    Three things:

    1) You need to be on GoodLink version 4.8 for the 700W

    2) Check

    3) In the GoodLink Preferences, go to email delivery, click on the Menu, then Add Folder and pick the folders that you want synced over to the GL client.
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    Thanks, how do I get version 4.8? Can it be done OTA?
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    Your GL admin needs to enable 4.8 for OTA.
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    I am the GL administrator. When I select a user and go to Distribute Software I am unable to either uncheck or check The server is running Server version and we do have a mix of iPAQ 6325 devices as well as the 700w.

    Am I missing something obvious here?

    Thank you!
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    Okay, I got it to download and am testing it now.
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    Okay, I got it to download and install. Then I ran the fetch command and all the subfolders appeared to populate correctly. However, when new messages come in which are directed to the subfolders by an Exchange rule they do not sync to the Treo unless I manually do a Send/Receive Now on the device.
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    Did you follow step 3 I listed above?

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