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    I tried to listen to some music this morning with Ptune. When I open my Ptune, it has a pop-up message about upgrading to deluxe version or something. I then pressed OK and Ptune only plays one song in my SD card. I tried to choose other songs in the playlist but it keeps saying file not found. So I got out of Ptune, took out my SD card and put it back in, and now all my data are gone!! I have A-DATA 4GB SD card. The card still useable but for some reasons all data disappear!! The only thing I did prior to that is setup bluetooth sync yesterday. Now all photos I took are gone too. Anyone knows why?
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    Try putting it in a card reader or perform a soft reset.
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    Card could just be going bad. A-Data doesn't have the best rep for quality control.
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    tried reset and tried to read it on my laptop. It only has default PALM folder in it. The card is not dead, Palm somehow erased all my data!
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    It's really odd, the same thing has happened to me as well, but only photos seem to disappear. It's happened with both a 256MB card and a Ritek 4GB card.

    I may have a solution though. A few minutes ago I took out the card and set all the photos to the Read Only attribute. Hopefully this will work.

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    Its a good idea to back-up the SD card to the computer - if computer has a card reader.
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    I've had success in the past using PC Inspector to recover mysteriously, supposedly deleted files from my SD card. Give it a shot, it's free.

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    Same thing here...all data gone from 1G card. I thought perhaps it was because I had to switch from CardExportII to CardReader on the 700p, but now it appears it may be a 700p issue.
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    Just copy it all back from the backup u have on ya PC / do have a backup right ?
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    could there be an issuse with the 700p deleting sd cards?
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