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    So I have interesting story and question.

    So I purchased a new 650. I did get it on ebay, but it is brand new, in the packaging, in the box.

    I installed all the software and did all the upgrade procedures that the CD explains. I was upgrading from the Tungsten E2.

    The phone has been great! But I went to hotsync it for the first time since installing the initial software and BOOM! Reset. Infact I get a reset everytime I try and hotsync. Well I have decided to to do a hard reset, restore factory settings, and reinstall the files piece by piece. Weird, but I think I know what to do on this one.

    But here is the crazy part! And if I need to be bumped I understand. I use Splash ID as well. Infact I use it every day. Well after the phone reset from the hotsync, I went into splash id to grab a number and all my info was GONE! Erased, disappeared. But in its place was all the visa card, passwords, etc for a Dave Marshell.

    IS THIS WEIRD OR WHAT! This is a new phone. Anyways, I have found my old SplashID Database on my desktop and I will copy it over later, but any thoughts as to why this happened.


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    Hmm interesting. I also use SplashID rather heavily on a 700P (coming from a 650) and would hate to think there is some kind of a security issue with someone elses data showing up after a hard reset and sync.

    I'd get in touch with the SplashID folks on this one...
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