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    Hello all
    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Treo600-1.01-BMO for the Bell Network here in canada? I have gone to the Palm site but there is nothing there. I have a Verizon Treo 600 and I have gotten it unlocked and can change everything on phone info except for the Verison # with the @ sign at the end and the user name which is the I have gone in with QPST and those two things are the only ones that will not stick. The software on the phone now is Treo600-1.03-vzw and was wondering if I put in the Bell one will it let me change the others? I have talked to Bell here and they will activate it but they said that their software can not talk with the verizon that is on the phone. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated
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    You'll have done what is MOST difficult to do if Bell agrees to activate a 'foreign ESN' on their network. Getting the unit flashed to their specs may be the least of your problem. Tried to do that before Bell (or Telus) had even the 600 and getting around their no foreign ESN rule just could not be done

    Would love to get a 700P (am prepared to pay full retail) if I could get it 'unlocked' and then activated on either Bell or Telus Both carriers saying proabably another 6 months till the 700 avail 'up here' with all the 'igloos'

    If you're successful sure would love to hear the magic formula
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    Hello Confused
    I brought it to MTS here and they tried to do it, they could go in and imput there codes but the person said that It would not talk with their system because of the Verizon software. So I figured the next step would be to get the Bell firmware and then bring it back to them and let them activate. They seemed willing to do it if they can get it talking to each other.
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    Hello Again Confused
    I changed settings last night with QPST and brought the phone in today and they activated it for me. It only works as a phone as I do not have a data plan and also it still has the verison PRL on it. I am still looking for a copy of the Bell prl and then I am going to try to change it and then get a data plan to see if it works. But at least now I do not have to carry around two phones

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