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    Quote Originally Posted by madcap
    Have a cat walk on a dresser and knock it off while it is charging....
    Kills the screen bouncing off of hardwood floors...
    I went in the room and couldn't find my treo....wasn't happy when i did find it!
    i thought your organs were coming out of your body
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    i thought your organs were coming out of your body
    That's how he scared the cat, when cat dropped his phone..
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawdey
    Hey People,

    Can we not brag about blatent acts of insurace frad here on the board. By the way its a felony and you can do hard time. Is this likely to happen? No!,

    However its people like you that make the cost of sprints service and insurance go up. Remember when it was 3.99 a month?. Pretty soon it will be double that with people like you that abuse the system. Be happy with the treo 650 you have, if you are really trying to compensate for something just lay out the money for a new 700 p or w and give your old one to a friend. Thats what treocentral is about sharing a wealth of treo knowledge with others and newbies, not warranty fruad.
    Can you take a vitamin?.....
    There is no insuance fraud goin on here. Simply a discussion on how to get the most out of our friendly Sprint reps.
    And also,Sprint's prices are going to be what they are regardless of what u think insurance fraud amounts to.Its all about what the market allows. I'm sure they could very well still charge us $3.99/month but in all reality,would u charge less for something you know you could sell for more? Its the American way! Stop whinin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leardvr
    Run it over with your car.
    I hope it stays in one piece.
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