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    For Superman fans, I made Dial Pad and Calendar Wallpaper for the Agenda View.

    The Dial Pad WP is sized so that 1 row of favorites and calendar events are shown without overlapping the logo.

    For the Calendar WP I set the fade to 65%.
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    Palm IIIxe > Palm Vx > Tungsten T|3 > Unlocked Cingular Treo 650 on T-Mo

    Favorite Apps: zLauncher (To run apps from SD card), Butler (MUST HAVE), Pocket Quicken, TCPMP, Profiles (Smarter than the Silent Mode switch on the top), MiniTones (to assign Mp3 Ringtones), SplashID, pTunes, VoicePad & NotePad (from a Lifedrive), HS Extension 2.0 Hack, TreoNaviText.

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