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    Hello??? I was just visiting a legacy Nextel store and was playing with the Treo 700p that they had for a demo. But on the demo's Home screen were three apps that my treo does not have. The Apps were the game Galaxian, TWInstall, and Kinoma Player 3. The Kinoma app caught my eye since I cant just open kinoma on my Treo on command. I was just wondering why the demo phone at the nextel store had those apps and mine doesnt. Thanks
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    may be the employees @ the store installed those to try them out.
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    Yeah.. the 700p at my local Sprint store had a RTS (real-time strategy game) installed (keep forgetting its name, its a few years old and seems to be a fairly well known RTS for PDAs). Seems that the employees occasionally install a few apps to play around with (and for customers to play around with to).
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    has anyone tryed to beam any programs from the display models to their own treo's? if so how'd that work out? past or future experiences welcome
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    instead of bout copy to card. much faster
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    I remember thoses good old treo 180/300 days ... everything had to be beamed....

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