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    So I have read all of the posts here regarding the issues with a 650 syncing with Outlook calendar. I have the problem of no calendar update and the settings reverting back to "do nothing." I do have versamail set up to retrieve my e-mail and from what I read here that is my problem.

    The e-mail retrieval on my 600 seemed much more seamless and user friendly. Now I can't even do both my mail and calendar? What is the trick. I can't find a setting that will bring over my calendar items from Exchange along with my mail.

    If the only time I can get both e-mail and calendar items is by syncing at my computer it will much more inconvienent.

    Any suggestions.
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    No respones? Someone has to have either a solution or opinion on this. What is the easiest way to get both my Outlook e-mail and calendar items?
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    Versamail 3.5 and Exchange. You might also be able to do it with the Synthesis SyncML client and something, possibly

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