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    Anyone have any idea why TA would stop having alarms go off ? Other than no alarms, all functions like get weather, sync time work manually....just not on schedule.
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    I've had intermittent problems with Treo Alarm ever since upgrading my firmware to Cingular 1.17. Prior to that, TA worked flawlessly for months. It seems like the handling of data connections changed with 1.17 and this sometimes, but not always, causes the Treo to spontaneously reset when a scheduled Treo Alarm event is triggered. After the reset completes, the alarm will not sound. Even alarms without associated weather or time updates will still sometimes cause a reset. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing TA to no avail. It got to the point that I could no longer rely on the app for my important alarms. I still have the app installed for the weather and time sync features, but I have deleted all scheduled alarms and now use Mobile Clock for that function.

    Like Jack, I'd like to get my Treo Alarm app working again. Any ideas?
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    Your weather works? All i get is 'service not available' anymore.

    After about a week I finally switched to Yahoo and that seems okay, but stinks.

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