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    THere are a lot of threads committed to launcher talk. I'm looking for the best free one. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I have tried, used and owned many launchers; MegaLauncher, ZLauncher, LauncherX, Initiate and more. Of these I used ZLauncher over the longest period of time.

    I now just use the default one and it gets the job done (launching my apps I mean..)
    Too much "going on" with all the others.

    Then again, we all have different needs.

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    I also use the default launcher that came with the Treo 650. I run 12 programs off the SD card. All run flawlessly. I don't mind the extra two clicks needed to get to the card. No biggie to me. I'm all about free apps.
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    iSpin lite is a free Launcher and its fast!
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    ScrBtn (ScreenButton) is GREAT!

    It's only limitation is, it cannot launch DAs by itself.
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    TodayPlus like I said on the other post! It's very nice...
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    Thanks everyone!

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