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    I decided to try Butler since it gets such raves on this board. But when It downloaded and installed itself my 650 reset and zLauncher was shut off when everything settled down from that.

    I had to re-enter my zLauncher registration codes, and apparently all of the registration codes on all of my programs.

    This could have been a coincidence but it seems really odd.

    Is there any way to recover the file that holds the registration information? Or am I just stuck having to find all of my reg. numbers and go app by app and re-register them?
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    Do you have a backup? If so, you could reinstall the saved prefs file and get most, if not all, of your codes back. Good luck. I've used Butler (Initiate, Phone Tech) for some time now and haven't experienced this problem. I do use Rbackup, scheduled daily, and also before installing new stuff, just incase something like what occured to you might happen.
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