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    I have an unlock cingular 650. I am currently traveling in mexico and I am getting telcel svc as the provider.

    now my question is I am able to connect to blazer and my email (xrpress mail) with no problems. I have the unlimited data plan with cingular. will I get charged extra for using the data plan outside the us?
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    You should give Cingular a call....but from what you posted, your data service will have to be provided by TelCel, so the data charges would be coming from them, not Cingular.
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    Your internet service will come through the same sim card, so if you are not using a Cingular sim, they will never know.
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    two different answers.

    I am using my same sim card from cingular however the provider name shows telcel on the main phone screen.

    does anyone know for sure?
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    I also have unlimited data from Cingular. When I leave the country, and my carrier shows anything but "Cingular", I end up getting a HUGE bill for my data use. Sometimes the charges trickle in over several months after the trip. Haven't been to Mexico, but I've had this experience in Brazil and Europe.

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