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    I have a strange, intermittent problem with Versamail.

    [I know, I know, a lot of you hate versamail. It's fine for me, other than this problem. Please don't take this thread in the "use chatter" or "use snapper" direction. That's a whole other story. Thanks!]

    Here's the problem. Once in a while, while versamail is getting my POP mail, I get a dialog box that pops up and says, "System Error" with the message "Out of Memory". When I clear the dialog, it goes back to collecting mail. Not sure if it is skipping anything when it resumes.

    I have about 30meg of main memory still free.

    Resets don't seem to fix the problem. It just eventually goes away...until it comes back.

    Any thoughts?

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    I have the same problem. In 2day, the email dialog says that the email sync failed. The only way I can get it to work again is to go into Versamail and do a manual "get". For some reason, Versamail will then retrieve every email that is still on the server (even though many of those have already been deleted within Versamail) until it gets to some that give the "out of memory" error. After clicking "OK" to any of these problem emails, it will usually sync OK for a while until, as you say "it comes back".
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    A few more days have passed, and I now think this is a problem with a *particular* piece of email. Something about its size, format, etc. is making versamail choke. After a couple of days, Outlook deletes it as part of it's normal housekeeping, and the problem goes away....until the next time I get that kind of mail.

    Next time, I'm going to try to figure out what was wrong with the piece of mail (if I can figure out which piece of mail is causing the problem.)

    - Andy

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