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    Hey guys!

    I need a secutiry tool which is able to provide the following functionality:

    1. Programs start password protection (e.g contacts, messaging). I mean when I run a program first I need to enter a password or keys combination.

    2. Ability to encrypt files/folders in RAM and SD card. Or create an encrypted virtual drive requiring access password and encrypting/decrypting my stuff on the fly! Only when I need it!

    3. Ability to lock or wipe device with a special SMS message.

    4. When my SIM card is replaced, the phone should send a message to a pre-defined mobile phone number. And it must do this always!!! Even after a hard reset. Every time a new SIM card is inserted I must get a message! When you know a phone number of a new owner/thief you can always send sms messages to wipe/lock device

    5. A tool must be workable after a warm reset (reset + up arrow), because Teallock, Warden and other tools !!DO NOT!! protect a device
    after a warm reset! It just boots like there is no any protection at all!!! No passwords asked!

    I tried Teallock to encrypt some text files and a Tealpad database in RAM, but... oh my God!! it did not work!!! Later I found an error log saying somithing like (I do not remember exactly): Long name FAT error. Invalid entry deleted. And all my files I wanted to encrypt gone!!!

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    I use SplashID to hide all my passwords. But that doesn't address the things you mention.

    There are some programs discussed in this thread that maybe would help you do what you want to do. If they don't, maybe someone else will comment on this thread, or you can try some creative searches of the TC forums. I've gotta guess that other people have had to solve the same things you're looking at.
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    I am frustrated that Warden and Teallock protection can be easily bypassed by warm reset. In this case Warden is absolutely useless. Teallock may help still if you use encryption of files on your card, but RAM encryption is not working, so it is not an option. And the reason I do not want to use a complete system lock is because I use Underguard app which sends me a message if someone replaces my SIM card.
    But I would really love to have all these features in one tool set in ROM and working after hard reset.

    I do not see the help from tools which provide remote SMS blocking/wiping service. I guess first thing most thieves will do is turn off the phone and throw away your SIM card. So those tools appear to be useless unless you know the new phone number when a thief inserts his own SIM card. I would suggest developers (like mSafe, TreoHelper, Remote Lock and many others) add the functionality of Underguard as well.

    Btw, can anyone suggest where to download PDADefence app? Want to try it. I registered at but was able to download a .pdf file only. web site is down at the present.
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    Anyone is using DiskManager successfully from
    It makes virtual encrypted volumes. Nothing found on this forum about it. On my Treo it causes a loop reset sometimes. Be careful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chupacabra

    Btw, can anyone suggest where to download PDADefence app? Want to try it. I registered at but was able to download a .pdf file only. web site is down at the present.
    I might have a trial copy of that downloaded at home. I'll try to remember to look for it tonight.
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    I'd love to get a copy of PDA defense. Good no longer sells it as a standalone app -- the new version is strictly for network IT managers.
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    You might take a look at the Toysoft programs. I am using SecureX to simply lock some programs but the software looked much more robust, I just haven't delved into it.
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    mSafe does everything in your list except the password protection on your applications.

    Perhaps a combination of apps?

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