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    Hi I was going to post this in the application thread, than I realize I the "new" version of Pics & Videos has a little more features than the 650. Just wondering what is the use of Splash Photo when they have 700? I am trying it right now... other than play music with slide show...and hide photo...

    The desktop app for Splash photo is kinda usless for me. (note: I say to me).

    btw, I did search Treo 700p forum. nobody is compare the two apps yet.
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    i used to use splash photo and now i find it useless for my 700p cause pics and vids is better cause its updated and fast plus it plays videos.
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    same here. I wonder if there some hidden function that I didn't notice. oh well, I am playing with it for the next 29 days.
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    Maybe this is just me hallucinating but I think that SplashPhoto's built-in camera functionality may take marginally clearer photos (at the highest quality/resolution settings) than the Palm Camera app.

    I do know that SplashPhoto's camera model ets you choose 5 quality/compression modes (highest, high, medium, low, lowest) as well as four resolution levels. That's a lot more variety for mixing & matching than Palm's standard app provides.

    This definitely something that merits further testing & investigation. Panning the Treo around also has a slightly smoother viewfinder LCD image in low-light situations on SplashPhoto's camera vs. the Palm one.

    I'll play with them some more this weekend.
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    You can use Qset to set the camera compression on the 600 & 650. Might work on the 700 too - but I have none to test it on.

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