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    First off I have to say this phone is great, and so are these forums. I have been reading and taking in as much as I can about this new device. I hope this hasnt already been answered in the FAQ or any of the various stickies i have been reading. If it is I apologize.

    For work we have goodlink. Now my question is when I install goodlink, will that just handle my business contacts and email? Im hoping that goodlink and my built in apps outlook etc will still be able to work side by side with goodlink since i use that stuff for personal use like my contacts ( my cell phone book ) and personel email. I dont have any phone numbers stored in my work contacts ie goodlink.

    So if both can work side by side and not interfere with each other I would be all set. If someone could help me out or explain how this works I would apreciate it.

    Daryl Gregg
    New Treo 700w User
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    I, too would like answers to your exact same question. I just got my 700w today - work made me "upgrade" from my tried and true 650 running goodlink. I was able to find work arounds with my Palm OS 650 so I could use goodlink for business stuff, the Palm OS addressbook for my personal info, and 3rd party software (datebk5) for my calendar. Everything worked in harmony, and I was able to keep my personal life separated nicely from my work life on my smartphone.
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    Try using ActiveSync or PocketOutlook for your account. I've got GoodLink running on my Cingular 8125 talking to my corp email server and ActiveSync talking to my personal mail server (which also happens to be Exchange, uncommon maybe but that's how I've got it) and they work independantly of each other very well.
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