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    So I've read on some threads here that Transcend, PQI, & A-Data 4gb SD cards are working on 700p. Have any of you users tried saving or writing directly to the card using audio/video apps like SoundRec, mVoice, or Treo's built-in camcorder? I'm sure the 700p's write/read speed can be an issue with certain branded hi-speed cards. Me & I'm sure others would also be curious to know which 4GB branded cards are recording nicely with the 700p these kinds of apps.

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    I have the transend 4 gig. I have mp3s and mepg-4 video on the card. The videos play well through the inbuilt video player as do the mp3s through pocket tunes.
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    I have the A-Data 4GB card.

    Recording directly to the card using SoundRec does NOT work properly. The recording is garbled. Recording to my 2GB card does not have the same problem. Recording to the Treo's memory and then copying to SD card does work however.

    Recording directly to the card using mVoice works fine. (But I think SoundRec has better sound quality at the same sample rate and of course SoundRec is free.)

    Using the built in camcording to record directly to the card seems OK aside from the fact that at least on my phone the app's interface is incredibly slow and choppy when recording. However, playing the recording back seems OK. (Aside from the horrible qualitly of the camera. Despite the much increased resolution of the 700p camera vs. the 650 the 650 takes better pictures and videos.)
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    ^On the A-DATA card, did you have the Treo format the card or as-is formatted?
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    I had the Treo format the card from the Card Info app.
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    doctoss, it's good to know the Transcend SD will playback audio & video. Have you tried recording audio directly to SD with SoundRec, mVoice or other similar voice-memo app? This is the card I'm most likely to get. Though I'd really like to be able to record some of my (hours long) seminars directly to SD .

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