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    I am debating whether or not to install OS 4.0 on my Platinum and my PC (Win98se). It came with Palm Desktop 3.1 and applications ver. 3.5H. Everything is working fine. I'm using Intellisync, several different hacks and many different apps and conduits including AvantGo, Coola and Quickword. I read the earlier posts about how to get around the install problems. I am interested in opinions on whether it would be better to wait until Handspring has an update available or whether I should just do it. Also, I'm not sure if I will be able to go back to 3.1 if I have issues with 4.0 without having to reinstall all my apps or doing a hard reset. I appreciate any comments.

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    In this case I'd say if it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm waiting for Handspring to release an update that's optimized for the visor. But if you have to have the lastest and greatest and getting around the install issues isn't a big deal for you, go for it.
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    I'll wait for handspring version to come out
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    I've installed Palm Desktop 4.0 and can't say it seems to add anything worthwhile. If you haven't installed it yet, I recommend waiting for Handspring to release its upgrade.
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    It doesn't actually install anything on the Visor itself.
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    I wish I could just uninstall the Palm desktop.. I don't use it as my conduit (EasySync (Lotus Notes conduit)) completely cut it off anyway.. I think I have looked at the Palm desktop twice..

    For (PDB, PRC, etc..) installations I use PINSTALL not the hotsync manager.. EasySync has a jealous fit if you "sync" against more than a single PC, PINSTALL bypasses the hotsync manager .. It's like cheating but not getting caught.. I made the mistake of trying to hotsync with my desktop (my laptop is my normal pc).. EasySync took revenge for this betrayal, it scrambled my calendar, address book, to-do list, duplicated entries, etc. was a real mess to clean up after... Now I know the right way to cheat and not get caught

    Pinstall also has a few other bonuses, It will convert, txt and jpg/bmp files on the fly right into the Visor!
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    I updated to 4.0 without any problems, but I use the serial cradle/charger for my Prism, since my main OS is BeOS, and the sync program only supports serial cradles. So if anyone else is using a serial cradle, you should be OK.
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    Well I upgraded the desktop, and then reinstalled the visor Hotsync to retain USB support.
    Two things I like about the new:

    1) Extended calendar views
    2) Desktop alarms.

    Like so many apps, it is a bit bloated and takes longer to load.
    It does offer themes ( BFD!)
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    Though I don't use it, I know the benifits besides desktop alarms and skins are that it supports masked records and vCards/vCals. If these are important to you, then upgrade. If not, don't bother. The Hotsync conduit is the same as 3.1.1, so there is no benifit there, and something may get broken.

    I personally prefer syncing to Outlook in Windows, and then my Mac and Windows machines are both synced with the same scheduling system. I only sync to the Mac to do installs or Eyemodule image transfers. They needed a new Mac desktop/conduit more than a Windows update in my opinion.
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