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    Someone has to know the answer to this, I hope, because I can't find an answer.

    I have just moved from Versamail to Chatter Email because of issues synching my contacts and calendar. While using Versamail, the application would cause my Hot Synch manager to set the synching of my contacts and calendar to 'Do Nothing'. Thanks to this forum, I finally found the problem to be the Versamail.

    However, since I've deleted the application I still show on the synch log that Versamail appears to be synching successfully and I am still having my original issue. Is there some additional steps I need to take to fully delete an application from my 700p other than deleting through the Applications / Prefs?
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    You CANNOT delete Versamail from your Treo 700P because it is in ROM. Until Matt comes out with an updated ROM tool for the 700P and/or a firmware update appears that allows him to extract the ROM image from it you are not really deleting Versamail at all. It is still there and if you want, run something life FileZ or RescoExplorer and search the ROM and you will find it still there. The only way to truly delete it is by a ROM tool which currently does not exist.

    You should also go to HotSync manager and click on Custom and then highlight the Versamail tag and then edit. You can set the default to disable or do nothing and be sure to check the box to make default. This should cure your versamail problems for the time being until a ROM tool is available.

    I hope this helps and that I did not misunderstand your meaning by deleting Versamail.


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    No, you didn't mis-understand at all, the information is great to know. So is there truly no way to fully delete any application? Do all need this ROM tool that is in development?
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    What do you mean by Hotsynch manager? Where do I find this? BTW I'm on a Mac if that makes a difference.
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    Hotsynch manager is the application that comes to manage your hot synch properties. There's an icon to mine in the system tray of my laptop, windows.
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    All may have worked out for the best. I tried to make some changes to my device to get the calendars and contacts to start synching again and I got caught in a never-ending reset cycle. I found a tip for ending the reset cycle (hold the up arrow down and push the reset button on the back of the device) and it would work to end the reset cycle, but my device would power up with the phone radio off. If you could get the phone radio to attempt to turn back on (which was difficult), it would automatically cause the device to reset and, voila, back to the reset cycle. Anyway, took it back to Verizon (only been like nine days since I bought it) and got a brand new one. Set everything up using the knowledge I've gained and things are great in Treo land.

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