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    Quote Originally Posted by dbodner
    The statement that the 700p is world slower is not false. Many people have posted benchmarks. I just ordered a 650 for my wife, when it gets here I'll post stock benchmarks for both phones. It's quite different.
    Excellent! In the meantime, I don't know if you saw this summarized from the other thread:

    First of all, from Speedy's website, here are the speeds for a STOCK 650 listed in the Device Benchmark section:

    Device Manufacturer Calc Mem Graph Total
    Tungsten C Palm 0.40 0.16 0.19 0.75
    Tungsten T3[P] Palm 0.38 0.16 0.25 0.79
    Tungsten T5[P] Palm 0.38 0.15 0.27 0.80
    Zire 72 Palm 0.49 0.12 0.24 0.85
    LifeDrive[P] Palm 0.38 0.17 0.35 0.90
    Zodiac Tapwave 0.63 0.13 0.26 1.02
    Zodiac 2 Tapwave 0.63 0.13 0.26 1.02
    Tungsten T5[L] Palm 0.37 0.16 0.53 1.06
    TX[P] Palm 0.49 0.17 0.40 1.06
    Clié TJ25 Sony 0.57 0.19 0.32 1.08
    Clié TJ35 Sony 0.56 0.20 0.32 1.08
    Treo 650 Palm 0.52 0.24 0.33 1.09
    Clié TJ27 Sony 0.57 0.19 0.33 1.09

    Feel free to go to website yourself:

    I ran Speedy, and came with these scores for my 700p, loaded with software, are as follows:

    Treo 700p Palm .52 (Calc) .16 (Mem) .31 (Graph) .99 sec (total)

    ACCORDING TO SPEEDY, THE 700P IS SLIGHTLY FASTER than the 650. In the real world, some people feel it's much slower and some people haven't noticed the slowdown, like this guy:

    Here's the pic of my scores:
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    So the 650 is about 50% faster than a stock 700p with nothing loaded on it and even faster if you actually put anything into the 700p's RAM?

    How about those other benchmarks? Still too embarrassed to post your results?

    Your slow 700p = 0.52 0.16 0.31 0.99
    My blazing 650 = 0.38 0.17 0.24 0.79

    The 650 rocks the 700p!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeantownTreo600
    What's that I smell burning? 2000Man's ego perhaps?

    Seriously, there is a big problem with Treo 700p slowing down through normal use with only a light amount of apps installed. The device will freeze and/or reset and it appears to run better for a short time only to slow down again and eventually freeze and/or reset. The thread author does present good questions and I hope we can get some info and accountability from Palm. My Treo 600 seems like lightening compared to this thing after a full days' use.
    I disagree with this. I went from a Treo 600 to 700 and do not see any appreciable speed difference. My Treo has had a spontaneous reset two or three times in the month I have had it.

    I don’t see any of the problems you and others have stated.

    I think the problems have more to do with the software some have loaded as opposed to the device itself.

    BTW…I use my Treo extensively…every day. Snappermail, Docs to Go, Agendus Pro, PDANet and Xiino are my most heavily used items. I browse several times a day…have over 500 contacts and caledar events (I am a salesman on the road) since 1998…over SIX YEARS.

    PDANet works much more reliably than on the 600…E-mail is much quicker and browsing (with EVDO) is like night and day.

    Just don’t see the problems…maybe I am just lucky.
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    Too many white screens and lags on the 700p. ptunes can't play in the background as well as on the 650 and the phone app disconnects and reconnects very slowly after dialing *2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcpmark
    Are you kidding me? So you don't care if someone supports a position with non-factual data, as long as you agree with his basic premise?? It's always been about his 50% slower claim for me, not that some people have found it slower, and some people haven't. That's a valid, REASONABLE thing to discuss. False claims of 50% slower need to be exposed for the fraud that they are. Apparently you don't agree, which is your right.....
    That's right. In this case I don't give a flying crap whether his data is confirmed or not. Even if the 700p is only 10% slower than the 650 it still doesn't change the fact that a lot of us have been duped into buying a device THAT WASN'T READY FOR PRIMETIME. That's the real problem here. In fact, I'm very skeptical about pBench test results and the like because the numbers don't seem to be reflective of what I've experienced. I actually think that the numbers are bs in themselves. What do I mean? I mean that I don't think the 650 is as fast as pBench says it is–but it's not like I'm gonna go prove that or something–that's not my point. I'm absolutely certain 2000man is experiencing the "downgrade" that I and many others are experiencing–and that is just bs.
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    It took me 3 times to get a good 700p - this is not acceptable, there are some lemons out there but there are also people using the 700p that upgraded from the 650 that think the 700p is awsome. dcpmark is saying that in all the other threads this one included, 2000man has posted false information and claiming that his 650 was stock when it is not.

    Yes it is true there are some 700ps that for whatever reason (I am guessing a bad load kinda like Linux in some cases) are not up to par. But that does not change the fact that there are some fast good 700p's out there as well. I just happen to have gotten one after 2 tries, the 3rd one has been great so far, 1-2 resets total after loading various software, but that is never going to go away.

    2000man - I tried to download speedy but either I am doing something wrong or well I just dont know, but the link you posted in my thread took me to a page with a download speedy v 6.1 and when I click it gave an error, so PM me or email me a way to get it and I will post the benchmarks from my phone for you in this thread.

    But you do have to admit that you were leading on when you said a stock 650 because it is not. I am glad that you 650 works so great for you, but you need to be happy that some people have a great 700p as well. Heck there are still people that have 650's that are expieriencing constant resets, lag is the nature of the beast.
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    My 650 is stock. It's not overclocked as the trolls would like to believe. I forgot about my custom ROM but thought about it after some have had luck with removing VersaMail files from their 700p's. I removed VersaMail from my 650's ROM but still run at the stock clock speed for all of my benchmarks.

    No matter how you slice it, my 650 is faster than any 700p on the planet. No one has been able to post 700p numbers that are even close to what a 650 can do. Surprisingly, all of the "lightning fast" 700p owners don't want to post their numbers. If you overclock the 650 (something that a 700p CAN'T EVEN DO), the numbers are even more lopsided.

    dcpmark hasn't posted his benchmark numbers from pbench or VFSMark yet. I wonder why?

    speedy can be download here:
    I've already posted links to VFSMark and pBench.
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    I am not going to load them all, pick one, I dont care the results anyways, my works great in my eyes and that is what matters.
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    With Speedy:

    Calc Test: 0.52 sec
    Mem Test: 0.17 sec
    Graph Test: 0.31 sec

    Total 1.00 sec (~300 MHz)
    1500% /palm Vx

    Now your turn to post a picture/video of your scores from your phone no google pictures etc.....Put a piece of paper with your screen name on it - not photoshopped.
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    Why would you guys try to compare devices with a 10 year old or an adult with a very small d!ck since:

    1) He still maintains his 650 is "stock" when he has a custom ROM.

    2) He actually gets a kick out of saying he has a fast 650 when MOST 700P owners could care less and are happy with the real world performance. Keep in mind that TC is a small slice of the Treo population with opinions that may not mirror the buying public.

    Let the thread die. I thought there were solutions for the "slowness" despite the fact that I'm a happy upgrader from the 600. Faster is always better than slower right?!??!
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    I have both 650 and 700p on Sprint

    Pbench Scores.............650 // 700
    Artimetics...................472 // 442
    Heap Managment.........358 // 356
    Data Access..............950 // 543
    Graphics.................. 1069 // 928

    Notice the data access scores, this is probably the reason (as others have said) Ptunes skips and there are lag times when loading apps, everything else probably isn't noticable.
    Visor --> Visor Platinum --> Treo 300 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650 --> Treo 700p --> Treo 755p --> Treo 800w --> Palm Pre
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    2000Man, you also need to reload the *original* ROM with all of the "junk" and then run a speed test. I am certain that the results will be faster than your custom ROM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 Man
    Too many white screens and lags on the 700p. ptunes can't play in the background as well as on the 650
    These are the only things that bug me about the 700.
    I think for those that have both 650 and 700 they notice the same.
    This may not be as noticable if you moved from a 600 to a 700.
    Visor --> Visor Platinum --> Treo 300 --> Treo 600 --> Treo 650 --> Treo 700p --> Treo 755p --> Treo 800w --> Palm Pre
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    ink's data access speeds are also 50% slower on his 700p and he's not even running a custom ROM!

    brvheart, your numbers are pretty low. Why no VFSMark or pBench scores? Both programs are very easy to install and uninstall. Can photos be uploaded directly to this site?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000 Man
    brvheart, your numbers are pretty low. Why no VFSMark or pBench scores? Both programs are very easy to install and uninstall. Can photos be uploaded directly to this site?
    If the photos can not be them. LIke I said, I could care less about the benchmarks, the fact is mine is running fast, works great....I do not care about them.
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    Host them where? Please post the other benchmarks. I've posted all of my benchmarks and am a little surprised that none of the "lightning fast" 700p owners will post theirs. Odd.
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    post them with a stock rom, try to upload them here, others have uploaded thier I am sure you can. dcpmark uploaded his picture here so I am sure you can as well.
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    Hopefully these pictures will attach correctly.
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    What about from speedy and did you load a stock ROM?
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    I'm not about to load the stock ROM back on. Too much hassle at this point. Still waiting for some 700p owners to post thier pBench and VFSMark results. I've posted all three benchmarks from both my 650 and my 700p.
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