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    What does the 700p do to know the difference between a mono and a stereo headset? The reason I ask is because I have this new samsung stereo headset (cause i lost the free palm ones) but my 700p treats them like a mono headset and I only get audio out of one jack. I wonder if there is any kind of rewiring I can do to fix it.
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    There's nothing wrong with your 700p, the stereo headset that comes with Samsung phones must use have the L Audio, R Audio, and Mic rings (the black rings on the connector) in a different order than what the Treo uses. I plugged my Samsung headset (from my A900) into my friend's T-Mobile MDA and it didn't work there either, and the stereo headset that came with his MDA didn't work in my phone either. Mine didn't work on my friend's 650 either.

    If you plug in the connector partially (but not all the way), you might be able to get stereo sound. But if you push it in all the way, you'll only get mono, because one of the audio connectors isn't lining up.
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    so you think i can get it to work by cutting the cables and swaping the cable connections and tape it up?
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    I purchased a couple different stereo headsets an none worked on the 700. Same problem with only one side working. The free one that came with the Palm works fine though. Palm has done something weird with the headphone jack. I'm waiting for Softstick's update for the 700p and will try a stereo bluetooth headet instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kill_Dano
    so you think i can get it to work by cutting the cables and swaping the cable connections and tape it up?
    Maybe, but you'd have to know which wire is which and where they're supposed to go for the 700p to recognize them. I'd rather just get a decent pair of headphones and a headphone adaptor or a different stereo headset.
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    I believe the treo 700p is using the newest jack. I think its the same as the ppc6700, a lot of the older things wont work, and of course you'll have to pay a premium for these new current headsets.
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    Well I went to best buy, circuit city and a sprint store yesturday and I tried out 5 different brand new stereo headsets on my 700p and none worked.
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    go to a Radioshack and get the adapter that goes from the mini stereo to the regular stereo jack. It works great for me.
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    radeo shack sux cause they have an a ddapter that will break your treo of not handled properly
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    I cut up the headset up and i have got it working by swaping the green and red wires. be sure to burn the bare wires before soldering it bacause they have a layer of invisible whatever on and it needs to me melted off.

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