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    Would replacing Bluetooth files on the 650 improve performance?
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    Not if you replace them with the bluetooth files from the 700p. Thats even worse. Now if you can find a way to use the bluetooth stack from oh say a PPC 6700. Then youre in business! The bluetooth on that thing rocks!
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    I replaced my OEm bluetooth files with a set that has been posted here, either from lifedrive or 700P, can't remember. I have the Plantronics Explorer 320 and before swapping these files I had a lot of static when the phone and headset were not inline. It seems that my headset performs better than before, I do not have to have the phone on the same side as the headset to use it.
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    I think the way the 700p handles the bluetooth radio in the 700p would be different than how the 650 does it. Unless the motherboards, hardware location (physical not geographical), and radio are identical, I would imagine it would not work.

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