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    Compatibility issues? Anything bad to report?
    I'm asking because currently I have a BT500 and it seems like it's not compatible with the Treo - the range is below 4 feet and it pretty much requires line of sight visibility between the headset and the Treo at any distance.
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    I've been using the BT250v with the 650 for 6-8 months and no problems. The "line of sight" applies for this pair, but this is true with most BT headsets. Headset vibrates if Treo is in my pocket (but not if it's in the briefcase), distance hasn't been a problem (up to about 10-12 feet has been my limit), clarity has been good for both me and folks on the other end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bheuss
    The "line of sight" applies for this pair, but this is true with most BT headsets.
    Hm, in my case, with the BT500, "line of sight" means line of sight - if I keep the Treo in a pocket in my pants, the headset drops the connection. But I never got more than approx 4ft range with the 500 under any circumstance.

    Are you saying that the BT headsets have a weaker signal?
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    i just got a BT250v and for some reason i cannot get my 650 to recognise it. No matter what i do, Im not sure what to do, anyone have a clue why this may be the case? I hardly turn my bluetooth on, today i transferred a file to the person whom i bought the jabra from and it worked. I came home, charged it til the light turned off and tried to get it to sync with the phone, but no luck. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i drive a truck and its impossible to hear with the speakerphone.


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