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    I'm curious about software options for downloading programs (or docs, etc.) directly from the internet to the Visor. I have seen two: SkipWire and PGHQ's PQA Updater. Both seem somewhat limited, and SkipWire requires something like $20-$30 for full functionality. Uploading from the Visor to the internet would also be nice, although it's obviously not crucial. It would be great if one of the basic browsers (expecially Blazer, which so far has seemed ideal) could offer this functionality. Has anybody had success in this area? Thanks for sharing your experiences and ideas.
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    Well, I think that it would be hard to do that because most file found for the visor come in a .zip format. To use these files a zip convertre would be needed which makes alot of work. Also, these programs also have other files on them that would take up extra space on the visor, be basically useless.

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    On the browser side, ProxiWeb used to allow installing of prc's and pdb's from zip files by unzipping them on the proxy-server side, but I haven't had luck doing this lately. The proxied version of Palmscape supposedly can do this too, though I haven't tried it myself. HandWeb can also install prc's directly from the internet.

    If you know how to ftp from the command line, LFtp is a minimalist solution.

    The LoBrowZ tool in the ZBoxZ toolset allows you to download zip files directly to your palm, unzip them, and install any prc's and pdb's contained within. The big catch is that you need to know the URL of the file you want to download, which is a bit frustrating.
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    Talk about timely. 4thPass has released a new build of its KBrowser WAP-enabled browser. Here's a quote from the release noes, discussing one of the new features:

    FEATURE - New KBrowser File Updating

    The latest version of KBrowser introduces a new update/download feature.
    If a WML page contains a link reference to a PRC file, KBrowser recognizes
    this and will download the file. KBrowser checks the device for prior
    versions of the file being downloaded and will offer the user an option
    to overwrite the file or cancel, if the file is already found on the Palm
    device. When the download is complete, KBrowser also offers to launch the
    downloaded application.
    I haven't tried it yet, and my previous experience with KBrowser was not as satisfying as with Blazer. But I may give it a try.

    Here's the link:
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    I have YadaYada and thier browser allows downloading from Palmgear. This is the same browser as Browse It, so either would allow downloading of .zip files, at least from Palmgear.
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    I use a shareware names"DataDive!", which u can say it is a small FTP client.
    download from
    but I don't know where to register
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    I connected to my ISP with the VisorPhone. Went to using Browse-it. I had Dreadling on my Prism in moments. I don't mind sites like palmtracker. It's nice to bypass the zip files and go directly for the meat and potatoes (prcs, pdbs)
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    I downloaded a few PDB (street map) files from GEODISCOVERY for my GEODE via Palmscape on my Minstrel S. Worked pretty well (but not fast)..
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    I thought might be the answer. So I gave it a try on plus a few others. All I kept getting were page cannot be displayed errors.

    Has anyone had any success with this site?

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