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    I have a Verizon Treo 650, with the following setup for syncing from my Exchange server:
    Versamail - syncs mail and calendar
    Verizon Wireless Sync - for sync'ing contacts, memos, and tasks
    (wireless sync redirector runs on my work pc)

    I only sync using a cable and HotSync if I have to backup the device before doing a Hard Reset.. so maybe 2-3 times in the past year.

    The setup described above has worked flawlessly since implemented - about 4 months now. I had been putting off a hard reset but finally got so frustrated that it was time to do it (random resets, etc..)

    Now, with my sync setup the way it was previously, I am getting repeated duplicate calendar events.. It appears that my calendar is being synced through both the Versamail sync process AND through Wireless Sync. The wireless sync app is configured so that calendar is ignored during its sync routine.. yet it continues to add duplicates on my Treo and in my Exchange calendar.. I've even deleted my Versamail account and recreated it, so that it would set all other calendar conduits to do nothing.. and things appeared to be working for 2-3 days.. then today the old 'reminders' started popping up, and duplicate calendar etries all over the place.

    I have searched and searched.. some of the things I've tried with limited success, other solutions do not seem to apply.. this is driving me CRAZY..

    Does ANYONE have any thoughts.. is there anything else I can try? I wish Versamail would sync my damn contacts - then I could boot the wireless sync app altogether...

    I appreciate any info or suggestions!
    - Sean

    Verizon Treo 650
    - Versamail for Exchange Mail & Calendar / Yahoo / GMail
    - VZN Wireless Sync for my Exchange contacts..
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    Unfortunately, almost six weeks later, my problem persists.. but I have new symptoms to share:

    Recall - I use Exchange 2003:
    1. Recurring Appointments I create, that have one or more recipients invited (many of which are duplicated) end up with all recipients removed.. the appointment icon still shows it as recurring, and still indicates recipients, but when opened, there are none listed - though the appointment remains on any recipients calendar...

    2. Some appointments are completely deleted from my calendar (after I clean up dupes manually, the remaining appointment is still there - but later, its gone completely - but is STILL on any recipients calendar)

    3. I've noticed that appointments that duplicate (per my original issue) only seem to do so withing a 2-3 day window from the current day.. older appts or those a few days or more in the future do not duplicate.

    4. In VersaMail: in the TO: address field, pressing the letters S or J (maybe others..) will reset my treo650.. this occurs even after a Hard Reset..

    Does Anyone have any thoughts??

    ALSO: if anyone knows of an app that will work directly with my Exchange 2003 environment, and support the sync of mail / contacts / calendar - please let me know.. my search has led me to ChatterMail - possibly with the EX Plugin - but I need to have contacts and calendar sync..

    Your info and assistance is MUCH appreaciated..

    - Sean

    Verizon Treo 650
    - Versamail for Exchange Mail & Calendar / Yahoo / GMail
    - VZN Wireless Sync for my Exchange contacts..

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