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    I recently downloaded the latest version 4.452 of Ringo Pro and my phone will not ring. I have reinstalled Ringo, reset the phone and nothing seems to work. I have finanly disabled ringo pro to get the phone to ring with the standard ring tones (No fun). Any one have any ideas or suggestions?
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    This happened to me occasionally, I would go through butler and resco and makesure ptunes was set as the mp3 player and the reinstall it. Sometimes you need to do a warm reset and delete it and then reinstall it, to make sure you get everything.

    This is not a fool proof option but has worked for me in the past.
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    This happened to me as well. After trying to figure why it was happening, I finally realized it was because my PTunes volume was low. For some reason that caused my ringtone to be set to that volume too.

    It was a pain dealing with that glitch so I took Ringo totally off and now I use wave files are ringtones. I've converted my mp3's into wav files.

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