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    Some of our emails contain Mailto URLs that should fill out the subject line when clicking on the link. The problem seems to be that Goodlink does not know how to parse that sort of link correctly. Is this just not a supported feature of the software?

    An example of the mailto url looks like

    When that link is clicked in Goodlink it will open a new mail with the To: field filled out like so.

    The Subject field of course is blank and when you try to send the email message it gets an Undeliverable error.

    Has anyone had success with using a mailto URL that defines the subject line or has multi mail header inputs?
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    Never saw this, but my gut says we don't support it.
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    Is there anyway you could confirm this? We rely on the subject header to enable some of our automation. We are bummed that this doesn't seem to work in Goodlink.

    Is there an alternate way of accomplishing this with some sort of Goodlink tags or anything of that nature?
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    We strip out html, so it isn't recognizing the mailto: tag. GL simply creates the mailto: tag when it sees an email address.

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