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    I am using that hacked verstion on my treo 755p as verstoin 2.89b and it works freaking great.. i couldnt see battery or signal before on top when verichat was open now i can and my data connection is always on thanks so much for all your guy's help. i thought i was going to miss the quality of verichat i was getting on my i500.... but this is so much better!
    Well, enjoy it for the next four months... Nokia officially pulls the plug on the servers -- no, a non-expiring client license won't save you -- in November...

    I can recommend Mundu as a nice alternative, and it doesn't depend on central servers. Doesn't have all of VeriChat's features by a long stretch, but I've found it a whole lot more stable and reliable than Causerie was for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lartrainer View Post
    Eureka! I was able to make it work by playing around with my old license code! I now have it working until 2010! Wahoo!
    Lartrainer, how did you do that? I just installed the 700p hacked 2.89B version and its running great, but it also says that its going to stop working in 10 days! Yikes! I've had verichat for like 3-4 years and would be really bummed to lose it.

    Anyone know the way around this?

    Or does the expriation date still keep moving forward? It looks like it might be! I think 4 days ago, it said expires on Aug it says it expires Aug 14! Am I in luck? Am I screwed? Any help is appreciated!


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