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    OK, I just lost my 640. I have a treo 650. Has anyone with a 650/640 upgraded to a 645?

    I was happy enough with the 640 to just replace it. I wouldn't mind spending the extra $20 to upgrade either, but I want it to be at least as good as the 640.

    I like the idea of having DSP, but I am worried about batter life. I always carry the battery charger w/AAA with my 640, and have only had a few days where the battery died.

    I am not to concerned about not being able to hook up with more then one handset.

    What do you think?
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    i hated the 645 and returned it. thought it was miserable. never tried the 640. i am using the jx10 now and it is acceptable, but not amazing. i liked my hbh 660 a bit more, but the battery life decreased to almost nothing and the charger didn't always stray connected...

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