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    Hi. I am Docs to V7 and don't find a need to spend $30 upgrade to V8. I was happy to see V8 installed on my Treo but quickly discovered it was professional, not premium and a few features like Spellchecking did not work.

    Does anyone know how to install V7 w/the V8 image in ROM? I get the error related to another version on the handheld. Dataviz to date has not been willing to support the Version 7 any longer.

    Is there a way to Mask it or am I stuck until they get a ROM tool or fork over $30 to pay again for features and an applicaiton I already paid for to get ones I don't need.

    Thansk in Avance

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    I have got this issue as well, yet a little different. Mine is version 8 Premium. It gives me the same error about another program. I wonder if DataViz would trade up my 700p's OEM Documents, to my freshly purchased 8.003 Premium, maybe an exchange of somewhat.

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