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    650 needs the prc??

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    What does this thread mean?
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    I am asking which of the two I need to dl for applications. Those are the two options available.
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    Uhh...if you unzip the zip file you'll get the prc file out of it, which is what you install on the phone.

    Zip files are smaller than prc files
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    Usually, some places allow you to choose between the .zip or the .prc . Normally, the .zip is a compressed file which includes the documentation or manual and other files. The .prc file is just the program file. There is nothing else. With the .zip, you have to first decompress it to expand everything inside, so an extra step or two. Then, install the .prc file.

    That's what's different. If you only want the program file, get the .prc . I normally get the zip so that I get everything.
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    Ahh, gotcha. Exactly the info I wanted. Thank you very much!!
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    If you have handzipper on your treo, you can download zip files and extract them on the treo to get the PRC. Otherwise just download the PRC directly.
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    Thank you.
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    If you don't have handzipper, you can unzip files using Versamail:
    -download zip file and save to SD card.
    -start a new email message to yourself and attach the zip file.
    -save email as a draft.
    -reopen the email and click on the attachment.
    -versamail lets you extract and install one file from the zip archive.

    A bit cumbersome, but free and suitable for occasional use.

    -Jeff DLB
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    Gotcha. Thank you very much!
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    I recommend Resco Explorer which gives tons of uses Backup, File Explorer, Picture viewer, Saved Preference editor, zip/unzip. When you open a zip file it opens like a folder like how Windows XP open compressed folders. From there you can install the prc, view readme.txt files, etc.
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    Cool. Right now I am still trying to familiarize myself with all that the phone can do. Thanks for the suggestion... but I fear it may be over my head at this point. Thanks again.

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