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    I've discovered something I believe is a bug, and I am hoping that if others have experienced the same thing, we can work together to channel the information to Palm (I already have a dialog going).

    Specifically, with some attachments, VersaMail just doesn't "see" them. You don't get the attachment icon at the bottom of the screen when viewing the message, although if you tell VersaMail to download the rest of the message, it will correctly identify the size of the message and say "the balance of this message is XXX kb. Do you wish to download it?"

    But even when you say yes, and it downloads it, you still see no attachment.

    Right now I can et this behaviour from our scanR service, but also with Cingular MMS messages, as well as Rogers (Canada) MMS messages. If anyone can provide additional examples I'd appreciate it.


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    I have also noticed this with scanR messages.
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