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    I know a lot of ppl have been complaining about BT headset connectivity with the 700p. I have a problem with my Cardo Scala 500. When I pair the two, it works just fine. But if i leave the Scala range and then come back into range, the 700p doesn't automatically reconnect with the Scala. Some people have said to re-pair, others have said to soft reset the Treo and it should be fine. The easiest solution for me is to just press the button on the Scala once. In a few seconds, the headset icon will appear on the 700p. This confirms that your Scala is found and is in range.

    So basically, whenever i hop back into the car and put my headset on, i just push the button on the Scala once and i'm set for the entire time my headset is on and in range with the 700p. This workaround may work for other headsets that are having the disconnect problem.

    Nevertheless, if you are using a headset (noticed this with other headsets) and hang up a call, my 700p will cycle Phone Off -> No Service -> Sprint and then its okay. But during this cycle, it hangs my 700p for about 2-15secs.

    Palm needs to really find a fix soon. Btw, i have tested this with about 3 other 700p, so it's not just my unit!
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    It's definitely not your unit...or your headset. This problem of BT random disconnects is happening with lots of users using many different BT models. My Plantronics 640 was bulletproof with the 650 and 700w, but it randomly disconnects with the 700p, and not just because I'm out of range. I do exactly what you suggest and it re-connects 90% of the time. Workable, but still a PITA.

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