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Though, rev. A would be available only on major cities just like EVDO today.


"It will not roll out city by city as Sprint's Release 0 upgrades did, rather nearly all of Sprint's EV-DO network will be upgraded to Rev. A by launch" (PhoneScoop)

So it should be pretty much everywhere by early 2007.

Lets also not forget EvDO Rev B has been finalized by Qualcomm, though it is unclear at this time what Sprint's plans are for that feature.

All current EvDO Rev 0 devices will work on any RevA or Rev B network, they are all backwards compatible. You just won't see any benefits from the new advancement (increased upload speed in Rev A, increased download speed in Rev B), but it will work.

Rev A will be real nice for Video conferencing/live web cam stuff (like the HTC Hermes which is not even nexgen) as well as P2P networks, uploading large pictures and files (or emailing them)...right now, upload spees are pretty awful.