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    Hello all,
    Just curious if anyones heard whether or the bliking LED feature that I had on my T650 when new mail arrived is something that has been tampered with since Sprint removed the LED connectity light. I rather enjoy having my chatter set to silent and only getting the blinking LED when a new message arrives....however, if the Treo is on the charger them the LED doesn't work at all until I unplug the charger.
    Anyone have this problem or know a fix or setting that I'm missing?

    Thanks for all the help.

    Oh and by the way...Treo 700p (Sprint), newest stable release of Chatter, and ZLauncher 5.42b2...if this helps. thanks again!
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    What I've been doing is using STOIC (stay on in cradle) and leaving chatter opened since the LED notify feature doesnt work yet while the 700p is charging. Hopefully it will be updated soon.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I guess it doesnt work, because my led used to flash with butler for all messages and emails and now the charger overides everything i wish i could know when i have messages while charging

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